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Why is it important to trust your social media marketing in the hands of professionals?

The general accessibility and the intuitive interface of modern platforms often lead to the misconception that social media marketing does not require any specific set of knowledge and skills. 

Unfortunately, this delusion results in considerable difficulties for the business - wasting time, spilling financial resources, and endangering the prosperity of the enterprise in general. The truth is that social media marketing is a sophisticated type of service that covers design, copywriting, marketing, PR, and financial management

Last but not least, advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other networks enables transparency, accountability, and advanced analysis of the campaigns. In the hands of professionals, these tools promote budget optimization and adequate, live strategy updates.

What does our social media marketing include?

First of all, we will determine the channels you can utilize to reach your potential customers. Once we have defined the optimal mix of channels, we will generate a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that includes one or more of the following components:

Facebook marketing

Facebook is one of the most common social media marketing attributes nowadays. We will propose a set of professional activities on your Facebook business page, as well as additional improvements on it -  keyword optimization, boosting visits from external sources, organic ranking, and an increase of followers through good practices.

Instagram marketing

Instagram is the most rapidly expanding social media marketing channel, breathing in the neck of Facebook Ads. Our team will prepare a mixture of advertising campaigns and will apply specific skills in creating optimized textual content to accompany your visuals on Instagram.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing goes beyond regular posting, no matter how well prepared your posts are. TheSEO's social media marketing specialists will read and comment on all external posts concerning your business. They will implement a personalized strategy for drawing the attention of potential customers from the Twitter community.

YouTube marketing

We will define and interpret the behavior of your potential customers on YouTube; we will offer guidance on how to approach them, and administer marketing campaigns that can convert into excellent business results. This includes designing and maintaining a flawless YouTube channel, as well as launching various in-platform advertising campaigns.

Does Social Media Marketing contribute to the organic SEO optimization of the website?

The secondary impact of social media marketing on search engine rankings is tremendous. It attracts customers, builds a reputation, and improves the overall brand image. This leads to an increase in organic links and promotes the link building of the website.

Web design, social media marketing, on-page SEO optimization, and online reputation management can rarely produce meaningful results on their own. In essence, they are the tiny parts of a large, well-built machine with the potential to turn your brand into a symbol of success when combine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

theSEO offers more

First of all, our team will get to know your business and its objectives. Then we will advise you on which social networks can meet these objectives and how exactly. The final decision should be yours and should be based on this information so that we can maximize your return on investment.

The service includes analysis and strategy, building professional profiles on relevant social networks, long-term management of these profiles, distribution, and optimization of your advertising budget.

Your advertising budget must meet both your current financial capacities and your advertising campaign goals. The specific numbers will always be determined after discussing and analyzing your particular situation.

The initial consultation at theSEO is always free of charge. After that, you will receive a personalized offer that matches the amount and the character of the work, the objectives, the deadlines, and the advertising budget of the project.

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