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TheSEO agency offers a thorough SEO audit that aims to define the current state of your website - to underline its pain points and identify the procedures needed to improve it.

Our professional SEO audit will equip you with the answers to some essential questions regarding the sustainable development of your business enterprise, such as:

  • How is your website ranking for all niche-relevant keywords
  • Where are the vulnerabilities in its architecture, composition, and ongoing maintenance
  • What is there to be done for improving the website's ranking
  • What are the estimated results that could be accomplished by an SEO optimization
  • What will the optimization cost in matters of time and financial resources

Because meaningful SEO optimization starts with a meaningful SEO audit!

SEO audit defines the problems

SEO audit provides the square one for developing an individual SEO strategy

SEO audit determines the resolutions

After we conduct the SEO audit, we will give you professional feedback, including:

  • A detailed report on the status of your website - its current keyword ranking, pain points and elements that need an improvement
  • A strategy for a further SEO services combination based on the conclusions of the SEO audit
  • Estimation of the period that the entire website optimization process would take
  • Evaluation of the results that our website optimization would actually deliver
  • A personalized offer for additional marketing and SEO services tailored to your specific business necessities
  • No initial investment, no financial risk, no empty promises

The SEO audit is the first contact between our clients and us - let us gain your trust!

theSEO puts an underlined emphasis on customer experience.

We strive to provide you with a last-generation service solely based on the concept of ​​ personalized expert assistance - one that approaches business success comprehensively and is paid for after delivering the promised results.

We will prepare your SEO audit as well as the following SEO optimization for free, and our work should only be paid after we manage to rank your website or online store among the top positions on Google!

With no financial risk, no neglecting of your individual needs, and no investments in non-returnable resources!

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