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Why does content matter?

The textual content on your website is the only way to address your customers instantly and unambiguously. It has the potential to captivate or repel them, to guide or confuse them, to equip them with relevant information, or simply waste their time. Professional copywriting is a bridge that can connect you with potential clients arriving from multiple and diverse marketing funnels.

How are copywriting and SEO correlated?

If there is one thing that search engines appreciate nowadays, it is high-quality content.

So, how exactly does professional copywriting assist in obtaining a good website ranking?


  • Copywriting is the foundation of organic link building
  • SEO copywriting can be “understood” by search engines
  • Copywriting embodies the marketing intentions of the content


Critical company units such as marketing, SEO, and copywriting should always go hand in hand, complementing and enhancing one another towards the ultimate goal - improving business results.The final advantage of theSEO is precisely this type of “holistic” approach to the business.


How does investing in quality copywriting pay off?

Professional copywriting can succeed in
initiating several valuable business processes, such as:


Building customer trust and brand image

Improving both the number and the quality oforganic links to the website

Producing a direct impact on the Google ranking of the website

These factors unavoidably determine the improvement of the financial indicators of the business in the long run. So always assign the production of your content to verified experts with proven experience and professional competencies.

What do our copywriting services include?

From strategic SEO content marketing to copywriting for ad campaigns, some of the copywriting services we offer include:

  • Content for a new website
  • Content for landing pages
  • Blog post content
  • Content for social media advertising campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

theSEO offers more

Copywriting means creating a text that aims to advertise and sell - you'll get free copywriting as a complement to our SEO optimization services. Content marketing, on the other hand, aims at creating extra value for the website visitors - it requires designing a long-term strategy, creating a blog, and continually uploading expert content, which comes at an additional price.

Yes, of course. This is your website - the result of your own dreams and efforts. We will take your suggestions for the style, the tone, and the spirit of texts into account while incorporating the best SEO practices.

The answer to this question is also yes, though, coming with some additional concerns. The content plan is based on precise keyword research, as well as the semantic centers of the website. We can synchronize the entire process with you and work together to adjust your ideas to the optimal SEO solutions.

This is one of the few services that continue being relevant for an undefined period. Creating and publishing quality content regularly is one of the crucial elements of successful long-term SEO optimization.

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