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What does the on-page SEO service include?

A professionally administered on-page SEO can be identified by its sophisticated approach and attention to every detail - because the top positions in search engines are reserved for perfectionists solely.

When contacting theSEO team, you will receive the full range of on-page SEO services for free. This includes:

  • Website structure and architecture optimization

    We will introduce, review, and perform the necessary SEO improvements to the architecture of your website. This means rearranging its categories and sub-categories, creating functional links between them, reconsidering inappropriate web design solutions, as well as adequately positioning internal links within the website itself. External links are a subject of further link building efforts, which are an excellent complement to the functional internal structure.
  • Content optimization

    We will do research and analysis of the relevant keywords for your business niche, around which to constitute the semantic core of your on-page SEO content strategy. We will optimize the textual components of the website in accordance with the competent keyword density practices and will offer you a long-term content calendar for maintaining your results. Our copywriting and content marketing service is a logical addition to our efforts in this aspect.
  • Image optimization

    First of all, we will make sure that your images are adequately rendered for the web in matters of size, resolution, and format. Proper image format will make the website load quickly and seamlessly, which is one of the essentials for a successful on-page SEO campaign. Then we will also revise the information those images carry along - their titles, alt tags, etc. We will make sure that your pictures promote proper optimization rather than failing it..
  • Tag and meta tag optimization

    We'll also pay special attention to another mechanism that helps the search engines to indicate the subject and the content of your website - its tags and meta tags. On-page optimization involves careful tag and meta tag description that follows the structure of the content, located in the different parts of the website.
  • Code optimization

    We will perform a thorough analysis of the website and provide a reasoned opinion on the elimination of any code-level errors that would have a negative effect on SEO optimization.
  • Other individually defined and highly specific activities

    At theSEO, we believe that every customer deserves a personalized approach, tailored to their needs and identity. On-page SEO optimization presents a virtually limitless field for maneuvering in the hands of experienced SEO professionals trying to obtain the top positions in search engines. We will apply artillery of techniques for on-page search engine optimization according to your case - we will work on the hosting, the mobile version of the site, the flash and video files, the anchor texts, and everything in between.

What are the benefits of on-page SEO for the business?

The on-page optimization offered by theSEO aims to take your business page among the top positions on Google.

This will inevitably result in greater visibility, increased traffic, broader brand recognition, building a solid online reputation, and, logically, a noticeable increase in your financial profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

theSEO offers more

Our free SEO analysis investigates the current state of the website by all the essential SEO parameters. This includes ranking for business-relevant keywords, marking the pain points in the website structure, and evaluating how exactly an on-page SEO campaign could improve your situation. The result of the analysis will come to you with a free, non-binding offer.

Any noticeable changes to the website vision will be discussed with you and made with your consent for optimization purposes. Our ultimate intent would be to make your website more intuitive, functional, and user-friendly.

The time needed to complete the on-page SEO process greatly depends on the initial state of the website and the amount of work that needs to be done - both of them vary from project to project. You will receive the estimated project deadlines in the offer that accompanies the free SEO analysis on your website.

The bad news is - usually a lot. The good news - you will get all the components of on-page SEO optimization for free when purchased as a part of theSEO's leading SEO optimization service.

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