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What is Google Ads all about?

Professional Google Advertising campaigns are a means to provide your business with a fast and quality traffic solution. We will target, budget, and optimize your Google Ads campaign to maximize conversions.

Who can take advantage of a Google Ads campaign?

Advertising in Google is an intelligent solution for startups that need a decisive introduction to the market, as well as established brands that are determined to optimize their marketing campaigns. Google Ads is also a useful supplement to organic SEO optimization for websites engaged in highly competitive business niches.

Why trusting theSEO to run your Google Ads campaign?

theSEO is a certified Google Partner, which means we can continuously count on first-hand information when the search engine algorithm is about to change. Monitoring, analysis, and ongoing live updates of the Google Ads campaign will ensure the optimal efficiency of your advertising budget - no misused resources, no wasted time, and no experiments at the expense of your business.

What does our Google Ads service include?

As a leading Google advertising management company, theSEO guarantees a comprehensive service that caters to your business at every level. We will deliver measurable, cost-effective, and quick results provided through:

  • Free website analysis
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Setting up Google Ad campaigns
  • Ad copy optimization
  • Ad image optimization
  • Designing a broader advertising strategy
  • Budgeting, monitoring, and ongoing Ad updates
  • Report and analysis of the results

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Frequently Asked Questions

theSEO offers more

The answer to this question is strictly individual. It depends on the competitiveness of the business niche, the general state of the website, the results sought, and the deadlines for accomplishing them. Organic SEO definitely takes more time and effort to work, but it also ensures a long-term business impact. Google Ad campaigns are a fast traffic solution, the results of which can alter in the long run.

Conversions and other measurable effects of a Google Ads campaign depend on various factors - the structure and the content of the website, the proper outlining of the campaign, and its adequate live maintenance. TheSEO team has the experience required to provide all the prerequisites for excellent advertising returns.

Google Ads is a tool that guarantees quick results. Traffic stats, links, orders, and conversions on your website will start growing only a few days after we run the campaign.

The value of the service is going to be determined individually after we conduct a free analysis and further consultation. The price is determined by the intentions and the duration of the campaign, the advertising budget, and the necessity of including additional services.

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