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What are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing campaigns?

Mostly, these are paid advertising campaigns in major online search engines, and Google in particular. This kind of paid advertising places the website on top positions for searches on specific keywords, even when its organic rankings are not as good at the moment.

Although more aggressive than long-term SEO optimization, PPC advertising also presents excellent opportunities for drawing meaningful traffic and returning of financial investments.

Why should professionals manage PPC campaigns?

The accessibility of PPC campaigns for the average user can easily trick you, just like Facebook advertising and social media marketing does. However, the truth is that unskilled operations with PPC advertising usually result in nothing more than wasted time and loss of financial resources.

How does theSEO team go beyond experimenting and guarantee that your Search Engine Advertising targets will be reached?


We have:

Solid theoretical knowledge

Experience in conducting PPC and Search engine marketing campaigns

Experience in communication with search engine representatives

What do our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing services include?

We are going to prepare, plan, conduct, and analyze your online search engine advertising campaigns, including:

  • Developing a comprehensive advertising strategy for PPC and Search engine marketing activities
  • Ongoing performance monitoring
  • Optimization in accordance with our analyses
  • Constant campaign actualization
  • Transparent reporting of results
  • Incorporating PPC into your general advertising strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions

theSEO offers more

To guarantee a high level of effectiveness for your Search Engine Marketing, campaigners need to be regularly notified about the latest trends and algorithm novelties that can occur overnight. This kind of information is most timely and reliable when it comes straight from the source -  the authorized representatives of the major search engines with whom we communicate regularly.

Our PPC management team will implement their knowledge and expertise regarding the latest innovations - both in the search engine algorithms themselves, as well as in the fields of marketing, copywriting, good SEO practices, and the psychology of marketing. Incorporating these factors is a solid prerequisite for excellent conversions.

TheSEO team can recommend an optimal search engine advertising budget distribution, but we can also do our best to deliver decent results with the budget you prefer to set.

Budget optimization comes as a result of consistent monitoring, updating, analysis, and optimization of the campaigns in accordance with the ever-changing search engine algorithms. TheSEO team will always strive to utilize your resources in a way that's supposed to maximize your financial returns.

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